Soiled becomes

Soiled becomes Leader, protecting that, seeks to soil everyone coming nearer to bear, prezh than bear will receive easy blows.

Soiled becomes a bear.

If leader will not manage to soil someone and honey after all will receive the above quantity blows he becomes a bear, and put shy last blow the leader.

At each exchange of roles participants run off on an initial position and only on a signal Vozhe come nearer and continue game in former on row.

For the correct conducting this game trebu about observance of some conditions etsyatsya JT?

ABOUT AT the lungs staining, that is putting to bear blows, have to declare aloud the struck blow, at than to strike blows it is possible only but turns, but not odes novremenno two or several playing; At l and h and m and Jborobyi and gr and if at the next stage of game somebody iz.

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