Pass molar

Pass molar On to the earth draw dividing line.

Pass molar number of players .

Rules The playing share on equal teams and vystra are howled against each other on some rasstoya the scientific research institute, and between them is drawn a line.

At each player it is behind outdone not big scarf.

On a lot one of teams becomes driving Russian cabbage soup.

The driving team stands still.

On a whitefish to cash players of the second team pass for line also move forward before shout Fire!


After that they run back, and driving seek to catch up with them and a vyt board because of a belt a scarf.

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In spite

In spite Most sharply they are shown from the moment of the beginning of visit of nurseries educational institutions of a day nursery, kindergarten, school, circles and sports sections.

In spite of the fact that in education of the child take part and many try to help tutors, teachers, heads of circles, the family bears the main freight of responsibility for behavior of the son or daughter.

To find approach to the child, to create the psychological, favorable for his development the atmosphere in a family, parents read the corresponding literature often inconsistent, address to experts, consult on acquaintances and relatives.

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Only in man there

Only in man there They have no choice, no critical attitude they are completely under chinautla natural impulses, working within theM. So the concept of the good and evil, of condemnation and judgment does not apply to animals.

Only in man there is a part that is above his animal nature, where it can change yourself with the help of the society.

So we can talk here only about the person.

So, not to explain the examples of animals?

Net Part one But there are so many short stories for children about animals!

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But in these

But in these And in most cases their hero is a hero, this is the the little boy, or the most unsuccessful.

But he is doing everythingnot despite the difficulties, and finds a solution.

And by working with children, I see KOs public way it develops theM. I still read them a story, because even can't talk to them about it directly.

But in this tale there is no deception.

Such examples exist.

Well, maybe almost the same a little less successful and outstanding.

But in these fairy tales there are various dragons.

But this is not good because it is a fiction.

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We should

We should You need to give children the opportunity to look at ourselves.

This is a very important process, and he you should learn.

We should talk about what it's doing, Pantheon Katia for cooperation older children to help young to understand picture of the world in which they are located.

Children should know that they are doing the important thing, after all, the ability to analyze and discuss the most essential for life.

We received a lot of useful tips and options for such discussion measuring and try to apply theM. Part two with tarsia bring up the youngerWith now we will try to find out disturbing questions you come in a new direction, a new way and new trends in everything refers to the education of our children.

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