Used during

Used during On this phase the child opens for himself that such psychotherapeutic session and as relationship with the psychotherapist is under construction.

Used during psychotherapy technology of active hearing help the child to make his story more harmonous and available to understanding, and also concentration of attention to the main promote the moments of the occurring events.

It is very important for the hyperactive child, which needs the help of the adult with structuring activity.

On the second phase when the child starts adjoining to the emotions and feelings, it is expedient to use technicians of a geshtaltterapiya by means of whom the child will be able it is better to understand the inner world, more fully to realize the aspirations and desires.

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It is impossible

It is impossible Strict education effectively and teaches children to discipline, if punishments do not humiliate the child if they are proportioned to his fault and the child is informed on them in advance.

It is impossible to punish the child for the slightest fault strictly.

Ban should not be involuntary, stated in a mine you irritation and anger.

It is impossible to show severity maliciously, applying the physical force.

Such manifestations of severity give rise in children to fear and one disgust for a ban is temporary.

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Badly to people

Badly to people Three years he grieved inconsolably.

Regretted Solnysh to the Kind Wizard, stretched him a gold beam, and lifted sya it on the sky.

There the Sun helped the Kind Wizard to build the Heavenly palace of happiness of blue heavens.

Decorated The wizard star fires also began to ask the palace Saul nyshko Allow me to lower the Heavenly palace on the earth.

Badly to people to live without happiness.

Regretted the Sun of people and lowered the Heavenly blue the palace of happiness on the earth.

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Children Whether there can be a person a scientist only thanks to the an emphasis to stvo and passionate aspiration to knowledge?

Creative task Persistent Heroes Divide children into groups and distribute them drawings from a plot mi from known fairy tales.

For example The resistant tin telltale, Ugly duckling, Cinderella, Three pigs, Scarlet Flower.

Children have to tell how the persistence helped heroes of these fairy tales to achieve the object.

Then ask children to think up a magic situation, kog yes heroes of these fairy tales will help them to achieve any objectives.

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But how to attract

But how to attract On the still, vegetative and animate levels connection occurs naturally and between people because of their selfishness, mutually Attal nodding force requires conscious effort of the people themselves.

And their strem Part one of the likeness of the nature, causes the growth of strength, both at children, and people find the relationship between themselves and the like nature.

But how to attract General force of nature to the relationship between husband and wife?

Two egoists need to show how much they will receive from the right tion connection.

In connection to people is revealed of integral Nai global system of nature the feeling of perfect and eternal real stupidity, like nature, the ability to rise above the problems of this world, to achieve happiness in the family.

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