Line several

Line several lines we extend hands in the parties, we relax them and we wave brushes, as wings.

line several times we incline the head to the rightto the left.

line we turn to the neighbor and we look to him in the face.

lines again we extend hands in the parties and we repeat the first movement.

Crocodile at us now Closes a door for the night.

Does not want to light a candle, As the grasshopper it chirrs.

Well, and hesitates in the afternoon Ashore rolls, Does not sing and does not chirr, Only cheerfully laughs loudly.

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From snow

From snow It is useless.

Mother told that I have for verses a memory not approaches the visual is, and acoustical no.

A visual memory the most important is convincing Valechka told.

You only submit the picture you sit in a lodge also you look in a window.

From snow clouds darkened the sky, wind bears blizzards across the field.

He howls, cries knocks on a window.

Valechka with feeling read Drilling a haze the sky covers, Twisting blizzards; How an animal, it will raise a howl, That will begin to cry, as the child.

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, . The igroterapiya

, . The igroterapiya, Schaffer Tsch.

, .

The igroterapiya at correction of the social is especially effective infantility, aggressions in behavior, difficulties in training Kraft A.

, Lendret G.

, ; Mustakas K.

, ; Oklender V.

, , etc.

which most often are also the reason addresses of parents of the child with SDVG to the doctor or the psychologist.

Game therapy is applied in work with hyperactive children to help them to overcome the behavioural problems often arising owing to impulsiveness difficulties of selfcontrol.

It .

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