Neighbors, having

Neighbors, having What heart, kind at you!

the beggar told.

People never it will be forgotten.

Passed some days, and Domingo got sick.

Very much opecha his mother and the father flew.

Neighbors, having heard about trouble, came in their house to console them and to divide with them a grief.

Domingo put poultices to a forehead, gave to drink and pounded infusions from herbs, but the boy did not recover.

Some nights about friends, and even blind which he fed sat at its bed, came to it when learned about his illness.

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About The second

About The second E Slee e e that p r about and skho d both t and a top of an usk e tsya mistake, provinivsh iysya the player about td and e t a ball I follow shch I eat at in turn.

When a ball sn about va okazh it etsyatsya in his hands, d about lzh e by N you p oln and t with itself oho began a game.

About The second game begins with the nd class, the third from the rd etc.

The one who most quicker wins against the law chit to carry out the tenth game.

The stock about tsutstvut.

Game ploshch an adka on are opposite x the ends limit nesh roky strips.

One of them it the house of clumps To Ulichnma y Jyoorobm shrmets, another the shelter d l I fly into a rage, space m an ezhda them carry t the name of a field.

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I do not think. So far the person

I do not think. So far the person The boy learned that the old man all life swam on different vessels also passed a way from the ship's boy to the captain.

I would like to be on your place sighed mal Chick.

You had an interesting life, all respect you.

The childhood and youth the best time in life che loveka the old man noticed.

I do not think.

So far the person lives with parents, he not it is free and has to constantly suffer.

Mother me it is frequent on kazyvat, in the room locks, does not let go, does not resolve !

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Lines fingers

Lines fingers And chanterelle sister Masha poured waters.

lines we connect palms and we pound their friend about the friend.

lines fingers of one hand we pound each finger of other hand from the basis to tips.

On a forest lawn Hares were played Pads clapped, Stamped legs, Waved ears, Above all jumped, Eyes looked, The song was sung Lyalala!



Ah, what cheerful hares!

lines we open palms, we raise hands and we wave the weakened brushes.

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If it at them

If it at them Then they have to podpryg chickpea and to throw balls through counters.

If it at them it turned out, they have to lift a ball, run up to svo to it to team and to pass a ball.

Further this task the second players, the third, fourth carry out and so on to the last in a column.

If at any participant do not receive the elk from the first to throw a ball through Phish ku, it lifts it, clamps between feet also tries again, and so until it not it will turn out.

It is possible to arrange some relays, napri measures in the second circle participants also dolzh About ny to clamp a ball between feet, but peredv to gatsya by a back forward.

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