You see that

You see that Well on what I to you, such small and shchuplenky?

You will not even feel me on teeth.

Take better than these nasty little girls!

This there will be for you a titbit.

You see that they more fatly than young quails.

Eat both of them on health!


But the bear staid without turning a hair as though did not hear that speaks to it angry dwarf.

It only hit it just once heavy paw, and the dwarf did not move any more.

Girls very much were frightened and rushed was to run, but the bear shouted him following The Snow White, Krasnozorka, be not afraid, wait!

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Any group

Any group As at this stage even before as they are internally connected, is to develop in young people a sense of responsibility for the common cause?

Usually in a group there are several people who do everything, and the rest of them are hiding.

Any group is arranged in the form of the pyramid some do, others think others know fourth help everything has its place.

Main to give everyone the opportunity to participate, and the post has no importance ing.

But that will teach them to be responsible for their work?

The importance of the environment.

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Soiled becomes

Soiled becomes Leader, protecting that, seeks to soil everyone coming nearer to bear, prezh than bear will receive easy blows.

Soiled becomes a bear.

If leader will not manage to soil someone and honey after all will receive the above quantity blows he becomes a bear, and put shy last blow the leader.

At each exchange of roles participants run off on an initial position and only on a signal Vozhe come nearer and continue game in former on row.

For the correct conducting this game trebu about observance of some conditions etsyatsya JT?

ABOUT AT the lungs staining, that is putting to bear blows, have to declare aloud the struck blow, at than to strike blows it is possible only but turns, but not odes novremenno two or several playing; At l and h and m and Jborobyi and gr and if at the next stage of game somebody iz.

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She was delighted

She was delighted Mimol was amusing in a bright dress, with kras ny cap on the head.

On her face was friendly kind smile.

She was delighted to the new acquaintance and treated a hedgehog berries, mushrooms and tea.

They told each other smesh ny stories, and it was very interestingly and cheerfully together.

Questions and tasks to the fairy tale Draw a mushroom lodge for yourself and the family.

From drawings children the exhibition sticks together The mushroom town.

What quality of a hedgehog helped it to find the new friend?

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So, if helped

So, if helped So, if helped the pupil with reproduction of the difficult word representation of an image, it is necessary to explain to him that the same way can be used when learning dictionary words, the English text, historical events, etc.

Decrease in level of negative emotional manifestations concerning process training, level of school uneasiness.

One of important tasks of the teacher decrease in level of negative emotional manifestations pupils concerning training process, decrease in level of school uneasiness as the factor influencing the general success and development process by the competent letter frontal and individual work of the teacher.

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