The adult

The adult Such shift testifies to that work with an album provides a zone of the next developments of the child, always slightly advancing possibilities of the baby, carrying away forward.

The adult has to write whenever possible without editing the conclusion the child, having corrected in case of need only literacy of coordination or correctness of separate words, and only already then to add something sushchest wine and from itself if it is necessary.

Mother finishes impression of the kid Listen to a song about a frog.

As apple dewy, frog all spotty, Toy pads, wonderful eyes.

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Draw this

Draw this What gives to people the sun?

V Written work Present that the Solar Speck came to you on a visit on one day!

Write, than you will be engaged.

Drawing Present that taught you to put the Solar Speck beautiful patterns from berries, pebbles and pearls.

Draw this pattern.

Sketch Help of the Sun Children share on couples.

One person from couple plays a role Saul nechny speck, another tells, in what affairs to it nuzh on the help and support.

The solar speck has to I will come mother as it can be helped.

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Small children, as a rule, it will

Small children, as a rule, it will WHAT TOYS ARE NECESSARY TO US Let's make friends with an orangutan!

The toy should not be very large.

Small children, as a rule, it will frighten.

If after all presented you a huge toy specially make friends the child with it.

Show its weak certainly, in comparison with the child the parties that the baby felt confident in communication with it.

Presented to Filyushe he is two years six months old a black orangutan, which and sitting was a cut above the little owner.

The person of a toy monkey it was passionless but for this reason it seemed to the boy that she becomes angry; the child even was afraid to go by it.

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Never tear

Never tear You already guessed that this one more expression ethics of awe before life?

How to help the baby to have such feelings?

Affect an advancing Hi, Cherry!

As you dressed up.

Look, San, what flowers!

Even leaflets it is not visible.

Be not afraid, Cherry, we will not touch any flower, we will not break any branch!

San, tell itself, tell tenderly Cherry, be not afraid, be not afraid.

Never tear armfuls flowers, branches.

Be not afraid of some hominifying we already stopped on opportunities of use of reception of an anthropomorphism reasonably.

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The stepmother

The stepmother Came back home it pleased, and three silver spoons gives to the stepmother.

The stepmother is surprised, spoons on a hand weighs, and about herself thinks Really, however, that fountain magic?

Bring me three gold spoons tomorrow, but not that I you from at home I will expel, the stepmother told and slammed behind her a door.

Again Anansi to a source went.

She peers at water and bitterly cries.

Where I will take gold spoons for the stepmother?

Helped and this time to it water magicians.

Swam up to Anansi and three brilliant spoons stretch to it.

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