We need to enter

We need to enter In this case, the output is dy our research can be found in Internet, confirm many Human development from to by authorities.

We need to enter into the education of the members of these sources, RAS toll us about uncovered the foundations of the universe.

These concepts are the children should have to get not from a teacher.

And You draw it from the office of the child and the teacher and say that the su there is a third thing.


It turns out that the child sees the teacher as well as an example himself.

But you also need to teach children the materials, concerning this the theme, the psychology of such a state.

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That you with

That you with Questions to the poem Present that the goodnatured person presented you a good handful.

That you with it you will do?

Why the good in a backpack does not decrease?

As you think to whom is easier to the kind person or angry?

Present that the goodnatured person with a backpack came to your family.

That he will make for each member of your family?

Creative task That Serves Us Distribute to children of a card with drawings of different subjects and ask them to think and tell how the person is served by those before Meta they got which.

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In time be the hectare

In time be the hectare To Ulichnma and Jborsbyi three teams not less than che igrysostyazatsya till lovek in everyone.

Teams are built in columns.

Opposite to them at distance of m three are thrust flazh .

On the way to tags pieces of paper different to a tsva are scattered t white, red, blue.

On the judge's sign standing the first players run to tags, bypass them also come back to the end of a column.

In time be the hectare can try to collect pieces of paper.

Rules Come back the first receives points, the second .

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Mice get up for cat in a column. In se players

Mice get up for cat in a column. In se players The most popular type of game are Zakol dovanny tag.

If the driving touched to ig fate, that gets up without the movement it is as if bewitched.

Other player, which can remove a spell from it to will start to it, running by.


AUHOU U b f o p o f t r i t sh r yseroy ktnishr Requisite about the hardware uts TV uye t.

To an olichestvo participation k and more.

Rules Fat cat gets out.

The others become we Russian cabbage soup.

Mice get up for cat in a column.

In se players I move tsya on ploshch to an adka and in e d ut r and zg shouting Whether there are mice in a stack?

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Lines we squeeze

Lines we squeeze This my song Short, as short flight of stairs Here steps exactly five It is possible to sing and walk.

lines we squeeze hands in fists, we put one fist to another, representing a pipe.

lines we straighten palms and we connect serially small pillows of fingers of one hand with small pillows of fingers of other hand.

Two frogs jump Green girlfriends.

Mosquitoes they ate, Wanted to walk.

Flopflop legs, Crackcrack palms!

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