Child of an otvech

Child of an otvech Mumu!

movement Milk to whom?

Oh, bullcalf, you, bullcalf Golden flank, Do not butt, do not low, You go, do not brattle!



movements Sits on a window Little cat Meowmeow!


movement Meowmeow!

movement The cat peeps The stomach hurts me!

The adult gives tasks.

Once upon a time there was a cow.

She spoke.

child of an otvech et.

To it the kitty came and told.


A cow with it greeted.

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They laughed

They laughed And what if the child does not perceive this content or not can connect with what they see in a regular school?

The mood in children often changes it they like, no, you want, then no.

The same happens with vzroslymi I want to give an example.

After spending a few games and discussions, looking the TV program, the children were happy.

They laughed and spoke about the Association research Institute, love and communication.

It was obvious that they feel good and nice to each other.

Then began the meal.

And suddenly the boy six years stands up and says, that doesn't feel a connection.

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Tell each

Tell each, you can stop near someone from children.

Tell each other why you chose these three things.

And now start walking up and down on a class.

Give to children the chance to resemble approximately for about a minute.

Limit time of an exchange of opinions about thirty seconds.

Then ask children to wander in silence again, reading records other schoolmates.

After about eight signals Stop!

children come back to the places in a class.

Analysis of exercise Somebody chose the same, as you?

Whose records surprised you?

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The guy became

The guy became In a word, business went quickly.

The guy became known in all capital city.

The hearing about the new merchant reached the tsar.

Marveled pribli zhenny reigning on new benches and there were any goods there to buy everything that is necessary for imperial army.

And then and the tsar declared the guy the supplier.

There was it goods to the tsar to sell, and about money was silent.

The whole year delivered, and about a payment words.

The tsar was surprised to such patience.

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Anton dug a pole, threw

Anton dug a pole, threw It began to rake the granulated sugar filled on a floor.

To it to happiness, under a thick layer of granulated sugar it appeared real earth.

Anton dug a pole, threw a sunflower seed there and cried Hey, guards, your so sweet candy prison, that I am thirsty.

Bring it an aerated water jug the senior ordered policeman to the younger.

Let drinks water from a barrel the younger guard answered nickname and, having opened a window in a candy door, stretched mal To Chick a jug with water.

Anton with pleasure took some sips, and all poured out the rest on seeds.

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