Your truth, nice

Your truth, nice.

It was a pity for a breeze of poor people; it flew up to the girl, kissed her on both cheeks, dried her tears, played with blond curls and tenderly whispered to the woman on an ear Do not long, skorekhonko the wind will arrive.

Mother, mother, have a look, at the sea lambs ran!

shriek the boy nulnut.

Your truth, nice blew into a breeze, mother told, those is per the father will be back soon.

And it is right; far, far at the sea zabelet a sail, and there came up from waves also the boat and quickly on rushed to the coast.

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What they

What they Than you can help homeless cats and dogs?

Present that all inhabitants of the apartment of the aunt Dasha solved from to thank her for care.

What they for it can make?

To what animals and birds of people can help in a winter icy cold?

Creative task People and Animals Children have to think and tell, how house a stomach the ny can help the person at a difficult moment.

Then chooses sya leader.

He calls any profession, in which animals help people.

For example forester, militiaman, plowman, circus performer etc.

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Tutor suggests

Tutor suggests Cunning lasa Description of game The playing stand around on distance of one sha hectare from each other.

Out of a circle the house of a fox is outlined.

Tutor suggests playing to close eyes.

Children close eyes, and the tutor bypasses a circle behind backs of children also touches one of playing, which hundred it novitsya by a cunning fox.

Then tutor of a prelog et playing to open eyes and attentively to look, who from them the cunning fox whether will give out she herself than nibud.

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The senior

The senior Whether it seemed to you sometime that you most important in what to either company or group of children?

Whether this feeling was pleasant to you?

Application Aquarium Suggest children to make the general application of an aquarium with small fishes, a crab, pebbles and seaweed.

The senior children can draw or cut out from color ache papers of inhabitants of an aquarium; for younger the teacher zara it cuts out preparations.

THAN I AM PROUD M. Skrebtsova I am proud of the mother Kind, beautiful most; The father strong and big, It is terrible nothing with it; I am proud of the senior of the sister For me it the mountain; The younger little brother He does not leave the book; I am proud of the friend Pashkoyu, In a class with it one I study.

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For that it jumps

For that it jumps Hare makes all movements, to a sootvetstvo yushchy to the text washes a nose, a mouth, an ear and wipes.

For that it jumps on two feet goes on a visit to whom nibud from standing in a circle.

That becomes into place hares, and game repeats.

Game terminates when hares are replaced.

Rule of the game Hare has to carry out the movements according to the text and to move only jumps on two feet.

The instruction to carrying out game Children can sit in a circle on chairs, on benches ka, or to stand on a floor.

By means of this game the tutor is developed at ty ability to carry out the movements according to the text.

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