Therefore Happens that the child and especially the teenager answers with angry reaction on the remark, a ban, the requirement of the adult.

Therefore it is so important at communication with it children, pulsivny and inclined to aggression, carefully to think over and verbal party, and tone of statements.

The prejudiced attribution of hostility is inherent in many children, they expect danger from any intervention from adults or contemporaries, on to skolk are sure of the hostile attitude towards themselves from their party.

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Each fruit

Each fruit Drawing Garden of Good Deeds Read to children a proverb Life is given on good deeds.

Ask everyone to draw a life tree with fruits.

Each fruit on this tree any good deed, which they dream to make for people.

On the drawings children tell each other that they will make in the future for people.

Then from drawings of children the exhibition sticks together Garden dob ry affairs.

H Task for the house Offer children, having woken up in the morning, to think of that, to a lump they can help today.

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Imaginations If to me it is bad, parents shout or me do not understand, I leave to the world of imaginations, it is so easier to live.

Imaginations are good when bring benefit but if they from laziness, that it is necessary to avoid theM. When it is boring for me, I always dreaM. I always dream of all good that ahead, for example about vacation.

I dream because I want the best world.

Me not really my life and all surrounding arranges, it is not perfect.

I dream because I have problems with health, and I I think out that they are not present.

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If children

If children You sometime thought of why people deceive the friend friend?

There is a lot of answers that to offend nobody not to look it is indecent not to receive in reply aggression in the form of punishment, shout, humiliations.

So far in the world there will be an aggression, humiliation, offense and the fear, will exist also deception.

But the world begins with a family.

If children in a family deceive, means, they are afraid to receive from you humiliation, shout or punishment.

The person is so created.

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So since

So since In one day, at one o'clock were born at us children.

So, it is visible, it was necessary for the Sky.

Let's not anger the Sky!

To divide children on your and my!

Let's grow up together, and after let's marry.

The father Chzhekh had not to finish long the father Pekun, and in honor of engagement friends suited a feast.

So since the birth Pekun and to Chzhekh were affianced.

Passed ten years and four more years.

Pekuna for his beauty and the sweet temper was taken in hvarana.

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