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Teacher. And who remembers, what

Teacher. And who remembers, what Material a doll Kolobok, the picture with the image of a fox and fairy tales Kolobok whole and cutting; salty dough, beads; games; beads, bottles, puzzles, kernels, designer, jug with water and a set of vessels, a frame with fasteners.

Occupation course Children enter under music, pass around, and behind them Kolobok.


Children, look who to us was arrived?


This is Kolobok.


And who remembers, what song was sung by Kolobok?

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The teacher

The teacher Then children are offered to think as still it is possible on to build a tower.

The teacher suggests to start building with go, go cube, asks What will be farther?

To make active the speech of children, asking them to call the sizes of cubes big, it is less, etc.


The constructed tower is transferred on tumboch ku.

Children are offered to look, what it high, pain ShaI. Then the teacher suggests all to pass around with a predma volume in hands a jar with water do not spill, a rattle, a call do not rattle.

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For the first

For the first You would like to be a Queen in this game?

Where I?

GAME since years Purposes By means of this game children can be trained in ability to listen and in ability to be guided in space.

For the first time hold this game in a class, to which children already well got used.

Later you will be able to hold game and in other premises of school.

Materials For a half of children bandages on eyes are necessary.

Instruction Break into couples.

In each couple one person has to put on a bandage at once on eyes, and the second will carefully drive the blind partner in a class by a hand.

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The purpose

The purpose The composition of stories especially effectively during the work with hyperactive children and the teenagers differing, on the one hand, in the increased verbal activity creativity, and with another lack of skills of the analysis of the statements.


This type of therapy is also used in work with hyperactive children and especially the teenagers having problems of the personal and emotional plan.

The purpose expansion of behavioural repertoire, understanding by the child of own problems, feelings and thoughts.

Specially selected works promote calm of the child, increase selfconfidence heroes of books often successfully solve similar problems.

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