Uslykhali Release us!

And the pretty bear cub heard that mother tells him, and was surprised of that it she was frightened?

Us the boy to himself is lucky, he speaks to a shebear.

We now at it we will live.

He will begin to tell fairy tales to us.

But the shebear is not appeased; roars and roars.

Uslykhali people shebear roar, a pitchfork, who an axe grabbed who.

All ran together and that see the shebear in a chest is locked!

Bears wanted tsu to kill.

Here the boy also speaks I kept the word brought a live shebear!

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We are entering

We are entering If we had to work hard, in order to provide them with food, but today this is not necessary.

Today % of the population may not work, and all we could get from mechanics of organization and technology.

We are entering the era of such technologies when the person nothing to do % of the world's population provide mankind literally to all!

That will do the rest?

All the time to play football!

Exactly and this is not accidentally.

We must understand that faced with Pro problem either to destroy a population, or to give him a lesson.

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Certainly, acquaintance

Certainly, acquaintance And still usefulness subject farm animals has to go in parallel with a subject thanks to theM. Certainly, acquaintance to a korovushka, ram, rabbits it is the richest food for informative development of the kid.

Here remarkable verses of I. Tokmakova malenky lamb to us bag of ringlets Presented by winter, presented by winter.

There was to the brother a fur coat, there was to mother a skirt Both socks to me, and socks to me!


Looked at lambs as amicably go five together even run away in total together, when Groshik will frighten; as the grass is pinched.

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And still

And still Be washed away!

And again try to feel that does your throat, saying all these rough and unpleasant words.

Postaray sya to pay attention to each muscle of a neck and throat.

And still the Second number has to attentively to listen and so far to be silent.


And now the Second number let will tell the First as its voice when pronouncing those sounded or other words.

How its voice at the beginning sounded?

How it sounded at the end?

And as the Second felt number in both cases?


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  • It is impossible
  • Therefore
  • In time be the hectare
  • Teacher. And who remembers, what
  • Used during
  • The adult
  • baby
  • Soiled becomes
  • Never tear
  • , . The igroterapiya